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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

Friendship · Discovery · Prayer


Ofsted's opinion...

The school is a happy and friendly place. Pupils enjoy coming to school and they are enthusiastic about their learning. As a result, they engage actively in lessons. Classrooms are positive places where pupils work well together. Pupils take pride in their learning. They are polite, and they show respect for adults and each other. Parents appreciate the work the school community does for their children. One parent commented: ‘It is a school which holds the children’s welfare at its heart.’

(Ofsted January 2018)

In our most recent Ofsted inspection (January 2018) we were graded good.

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SIAS' (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools') opinion...

The school achieves its aim to 'provide an education underpinned with the Christian ethos and based on Christian values'. It nurtures children of all backgrounds and abilities equally to reach their full potential. Adults see each child as unique in God's image and they develop them spiritually, personally and socially as well as moving them on significantly in their learning. Leadership of RE and Worship are given high priority.

(SIAS October 2015)

In our most recent SIAS (October 2015) we were graded outstanding in all areas.

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