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Football News

Football News

 In the growing dark on Monday after school, four intrepid teams did battle on the St Matthew’s hallowed turf. The ‘field of dreams’ it may not have been, but the showing from our young boys was an excellent display of character. Having played away from home twice recently at the recent Merton tournaments, the year 5 and 6 boys team came back with the very position that no one wants to finish – 4th place! To rub salt into the wound, they were put there in part, thanks to Bishop Gilpin who beat us twice on the day. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I’m sure the team will be itching to get into the tag rugby tournament for the spring term.

 Having missed out on winning the cluster tournament to Sacred Heart on penalties, it was round two back at home for a football friendly that resembled a game of hide and seek by the time it finished. In test cricket, the umpires bring light meters. The science coordinator informs me that no such equipment exists in this school.

 To the games themselves. St Matthew’s year 6 team, like many of your Christmas holidays, got off to a flying start with a 5-0 thrashing of their Sacred Heart counterparts. The boys played magnificently, Tarran Williams continually finding space and with more time on his hands to shoot than Big Ben. The year 5 team struggled to gain a foothold in their game. The score was close at half time but Sacred Heart ran away 5-2 winners.

 The half time oranges brought a welcome break and with a little shuffling of the teams we began two new games with years 5 & 6 on both pitches. Some sloppy play in defence and ricochets reminiscent of a pin ball machine saw St Matthew’s behind early on. Our reporter couldn’t see, but could hear Mr Peck rallying his troops for the second half. It may have been something along the lines of:

 ‘Follow your spirit, and upon this charge

Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

 This they did (without the crying) and battled back to draw 1-1. The other sides had a similarly close game, Sacred Heart emerging 3-2 winners.

 Many thanks must go to the parents for daring to come out and support in the bleak mid-winter. They cheered magnificently and provided the tea for the boys. Perhaps next time Mr Peck could organise some hot drinks for the parents? It would do him good to learn to make a decent cuppa! That’s it for the sport this term. Look out on the PE notice board for the upcoming events in the Spring term.