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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

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Borough Netball Finals

"We won our first match 4- 0 against St. Thomas. We were very nervous but glad to get off to a good start.
In our second match we played The Priory and were 2 -0 up at half time! We kept going and had a fantastic match. At the end of the second half we won 5- 0.
Our next opponent was Haslemere. It was a tough match, we tried to take advantage of every scoring opportunity, but in the end we drew 1 -1. After that, we came to the quarter final, this is where we hit a rough patch. We lost two matches in a row and were then playing for 7th or 8th place. This would be our last game.
We won!
In the end we came 7th  we all did so well, we tried our hardest all the way through and we had won the Refspect award! Everyone was so happy to hear this. I'm so proud of the team and everything we have done."
Report by the Netball Team.