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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

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This year we welcome 8 more House Captains to lead our houses. But. a significant change to the way St. Matthew’s does its houses is that this year we have decided that every year we will choose a different social action project as supposed to having the same social action project every year. Another decision made (which is more permanent that the social action projects changing) is that we’ve chosen new House Names!

They are now:

  • Cecil = Pankhurst
  • Wilberforce = Raducanu
  • Churchill = Rashford
  • Spencer = Attenborough

Our new House Captains are:

Raducanu House Captains


Pankhurst House Captains 

Rashford House Captains   

Attenborough House Captains

 Houses in action!


Debating competition:

1st place: Attenborough

2nd place: Pankhurst

3rd place: Raducanu

4th place: Rashford


  Well done Attenborough!!

 Raducanu shares Joy in the community:


Foursquare competition:
Well done to Attenborough for winning first place and those 100 house points.
Spelling Bee:
Well done everyone!